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I had the privilege of trying out Caliper and working it into my daily routine, but the first time I heard about CBD, a friend with anxiety told me about her experience. She said she found putting drop of CBD oil in her coffee in the morning helps her start the day more focused and less jittery. My mom also mentioned she felt benefits from incorporating it into her self-care routine.

This made me curious, and in my attempt to further research CBD, I realized oils are not the most effective way to work CBD into your life to enjoy the benefits. Caliper offers a quick dissolvable CBD POWDER. Also, do not underestimate the importance of due diligence when searching for a quality CBD. There are many on the market, and I did heavy reading to find Caliper has a high quality, conservative approach to CBD. Their CBD powders are carefully researched not only in-house, but by third-party researchers as well. This is amazing, because you can trust there is no bias in the claims and results.

“Our most recent study with Colorado State University found Caliper CBD to be 6.5x more bioavailable in the first 15 minutes than oil-soluble CBD, and 4.5x more bioavailable overall.”


The Caliper CBD Swiftsticks are yummy little packets of powder you can put directly on your tongue. They’re conveniently pre-measured and individually packaged so you can take them to-go and on-the-go.

Caliper CBD

The Caliper Dissolvable CBD powder is a precisely measured packet of sugar-free, calorie-free, vegan, and gluten-free fast-acting CBD powder. You can mix it with anything!

I have always struggled with focus and found if I sprinkle one packet of the Caliper Dissolvable CBD Powder into my coffee in the morning, I’m less jittery and more on point. I keep the packets next to my coffee machine and am ready to sprinkle it in with my oat milk creamer. YUM.

As summer approaches I’m also added the Caliper Dissolvable CBD into my refreshments by the pool. The other day, I mixed it with lime sparkling water and a sweet watermelon juice. It is the perfect compliment to a little me-time in the sunshine. Helping yourself be relaxed and focused is necessary self-care.

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