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The weirdest, eeriest Halloween is upon us: one amidst 2020. As I reflect on how I survived the year thus far I think of the three goddesses within: The Warrior Goddess, the Angel Goddess, and last but not least… the Wine Goddess. Without all three I would not have endured this year of homeschooling and unexpected happenings around every corner. I represented my inner goddesses in sexy halloween costumes from 3 Wishes Lingerie.

I ordered size small in each costume. They all fit beautifully with quality sequins and fabric that stretches in all the right places. Two of the three had a sheer skirt overlay that was comfortable and sexy while still covering enough to wear publicly or around my kids. I felt both sexy and classy as each goddess, which is a balance that is hard to accomplish, so I’m a huge fan of these Halloween Costumes.

I joke with my kids that I am the cranky Warrior Queen Goddess before my coffee. As I saunter slowly towards the coffee maker in my darkest of moods, my dark goddess self seems to show herself. Often she says… don’t even think of speaking to me before caffeine. But also, Warrior Queen goddess has fought her way through 2020 without tire, and that’s why I love this Halloween costume. It’s a sexy way to say… I was a warrior through one of the toughest years and I will continue to fight on even if “Winter is coming.”

After the caffeine sinks in, Angel Goddess shows up. She sprinkles kindness around like confetti, stays light on her feet, and brings optimism to an otherwise pessimistic 2020. Angel Goddess perseveres with positivity.

Listen, being a Warrior Goddess and Angel Goddess requires a lot of work, they are often supported by the much more chill inner Wine Goddess who has many mantras including: It’s always five o’clock somewhere. Wine Goddesses know that not all girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Some are made of sarcasm, wine, and everything fine. She is the goddess you want at a party and when she cooks with wine, sometimes she even adds food. A true team player, because Wine Goddess knows the champs of 2020 drink Champs. Can you cheers to that?

I love Halloween, and I love wearing costumes with a story behind them so this year seemed like a great opportunity to shout out to all the inner goddesses that have kept me thriving. Without one, I may not have made it through this year that felt more like a never ending haunted house. As Wine Goddess would say in her sexiest way: Cheers to strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may be them. (and may we dress as them!) xx

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