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Self distancing and self quarantine means endless days at home, or maybe days that feel endless. Without a variation in schedule I find our family to go a little bonkers so it’s been important to balance time in the backyard and time inside doing different activities. 

We are lucky to have a very multifunctional backyard with a pool and it does not go to waste. I’ve been spending time in my swimmies and my Sea Star Seafarer Slingback water shoes that are cute, but also withstand the water and play! 

The top part is made from a really durable water wicking material that reminds me of the material wetsuits are made from. Meanwhile the bottom espadrille is flexible and soft. It protects me from the hard hot stones during the Arizona summer. Another huge plus is the ease with which I can slip them on and off. Between the two kids and the dog I’m constantly running in and out of the house, the last thing I want to mess with is a million buckles while the dog eats one of the kids’ baseballs (true story, that actually happened, luckily Truffle is ok, but can I catch a mom-break here?)

On a more serious note, I hope this virus passes with as little damage as possible, but for now know it’s not going to be easy for the world to recover. The best thing we can do is stay home, stop germs from spreading, and try to help from home the best we can. While I sometimes feel an overwhelming amount of anxiety, I’ve tried to remember that our immune systems are strongest when we are calm and full of self love. Loving my family, teaching my kids to cook, making art projects, swimming and running around outside… showing my kids what it means to find joy in the simple things… that is my #1 job. 

I’m grateful that I’m able to run around in my Sea Stars and Zappos makes it super easy to order items for my whole family with fast/free shipping. Zappos has always been a go-to for me. Zara recently ripped her shoes when riding her bike and Zappos made it easy for me to get her new shoes while staying in self quarantine. 

Stay safe and at home my friends, try to continue to take care of yourselves and those around you the best you can. 

Big hugs,


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