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No matter how much makeup you wear, the health of your skin will always shine through. One of my personal beauty goals is to have the freshest, healthiest skin I can. 

Last year I had fun trying out the PMD Kiss. You can see my review of the Kiss here. It’s a great functional device for more pillowy lips! 

So I was super excited to try the Personal Microderm Pro from PMD. It’s literally like getting a professional microdermabrasion in your own home and it takes so little time – a total benefit for us women on the go.

I’m not totally an expert in using home microdermabrasion, so the simple-to-follow directions were really helpful. The kit is customizable to your specific skin needs too!

Because I have skin that can easily react to new systems or products, I decided to start with the lightest intensity application. Sometimes I can just look at a product and get a blemish! I made sure to clean my face and dry it completely to begin. Then I ran the wand over my face lightly in small motions and I instantly started to see softer skin appearing.

When you try anything at home, it’s important to start slowly (trust me, I’ve learned the hard way in the past!) Still, I found the lowest intensity treatment to have a fab effect on my skin. It was noticeably smoother after just a few minutes!



And even though the directions said not to apply makeup right away, I had an important event to attend that night so I had to put some on. Guess what? I didn’t get any blemishes at all. My skin was still feeling so good the next day.

Now I know I don’t need to leave my home to get a great facial treatment. That’s good news for busy women like me who might not have time to hit the spa whenever they are in serious need of a facial refresh.

This is sponsored by PMD however all content and opinions are my own. Sponsorships like these allow We The Classy to deliver quality reviews.

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