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Recently I received a direct message on Instagram from a follower who told me she is in college and wondering if I could share my favorite drugstore beauty products for a girl on a budget! I love that she prompted me to put this post together because I use a mix of high low in my beauty routine (just as I do in my outfit styling.)

I’ve been using the same foundation and bronzer since high school. NO JOKE! I do also have a foundation I love that’s a clean beauty splurge, however I do not wear it every day because it isn’t as great with my combination skin in the summer.

My absolute favorite foundation: Revlon Colorstay – Combination Skin – Color 240

Revlon Colorstay

I also love a fairly inexpensive concealer called: Bye Bye Under Eye in “Medium” available at Ulta.

Bye Bye Under Eye

And believe it or not, we can round out your glowing skin with another one of my absolute fav drugstore products: the Physicians Formula Bronzer. I don’t use shimmery bronzer because I’m already slightly oily skinned and it’s hot in Arizona… adding shimmer is too much shine. I love this matte bronzer and it looks great on a lot of skin tones!


My next favorite is the NYX lip liner in Mauve

Slim Pencil in Mauve

AND the NYX Lip Butter in Creme Brûlée

Butter Gloss

This Pixi eyeshadow palette is a bit of a splurge compared to everything else on this list at $24, but it is the BEST! I use it almost every day! You get so much out of this palette and the shades are perfect!

Pixi Shadows

For lashes you cannot go wrong with the Ardell Whispies #113. You can rewear them and a 5 pack is super reasonable at $11.99. I could never do lash extensions because the glue irritates my eyes, so these work perfect for me!

Ardell Whispies #113

I’ve tried so many different shampoos and I’m really obsessed with this one! It doesn’t have any junk in it… it’s gluten free, and it makes my hair bouncy! I love Biotin and a 1 liter bottle is $9.99 at Ulta right now!


Another product I’m recently loving is natural deodorant. My favorite one is a major splurge at $29, but Native is a close second and you can find it on Amazon.com I love the coconut vanilla scent.

Native Natural Deodorant

I use this face wash by Olay: Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Face Cleanser

Olay Face Wash

Last, but not least, this teeth whitener works wonders. It’s super fast and strong. I LOVE it since I never have time to walk around with white strips on. Sometimes I gently brush with it, or just wipe it on my teeth and let it work while I shower: Plus White can be found at a lot of different drugstores.

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