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As the warmer months approach fast we have vacation, summer camp, and pool days on our minds. And if you know me, you know I’m already prepping with cute outfits and fresh beauty. One of my personal beauty secrets to looking effortless, even on the hot days, is starting off with Dove Dry Spray right after I shower. It honestly is magical! Here in Arizona the temps go above 120 and there’s no way my pretty summer dresses will look all that pretty when I’m a sweaty mess (if I’m being honest.) I keep one dry spray at home and one in my bag to refresh as the day goes on so I stay looking effortless! Right now they’re running an amazing sale at CVS: buy one get one 50% off AND when you buy two you get extra bucks with your CVS card! So you can keep one at home and one in the bag like me. Or even buy one for yourself and one for the hubby! We all like when our guys smell nice! I already do a lot of shopping at CVS so it’s the perfect time to grab some more!

On a more personal note, I’d love to share a little peek into our mornings as parents. Our morning routine is not what it used to be because… well, because kids. David is an early riser and he always goes to workout. By the time he’s home kids are running around and I’m half asleep with a large extra deep bowl of strong coffee trying to get everyone ready.

Some mornings, though, we have a few steamy minutes to ourselves…and we take full advantage. It may sound obvious, but starting our day hot almost always makes for a great rest of the day. 

A lot of times the assumption is that having children hurts intimacy, but I’ve found that to be untrue. Sure, it’s tough to find the same kind of privacy we used to have all the time, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting what they want!

Even though our most intimate moments are not considered routine, there’s some routine things he does that help him jump off on the right foot… working out, shower time, and then using a little Dove Dry Spray from CVS really gives him the fresh start each morning he needs. Sometimes I jump into the mix 😉 

Being fresh and prepared for the unexpected, wether it’s a marathon of meetings or a hot moment with the wifey, starts with Dove Dry Spray and a positive frame of mind. 

More about Dove Dry Spray from CVS: 

• Goes on completely dry and fresh

• No residue (no stains or spots on clothing)

• Easy on skin

• 91% of users recommend it


Photogrphy: Marissa Shaw

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