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When I started thinking about redoing our dining area I was faced with some tough conflicts to work though.

  • First of all, the dining room is connected to the living area, it’s one of those open great rooms. That’s totally fine, except for that I just changed the living area with a blush colored sofa and artwork (see prior Perigold post.) I LOVE my pink sofa room, but it created a challenge. I didn’t want the dining area to have the same exact theme, but also didn’t want it to clash… challenging.
  • Second, we entertain different sized groups at our dining room table. I normally turn to the kitchen for extra seating on nights where we had a big group to entertain. That’s perfectly fine to do, but since we are talking renovating a dining room, I wanted it to function with small and large parties.

My instinct was to go for a more casual clean wood table that extended. I fell in love with the Berkeley Heights Extendable Dining Table from Perigold. It gives a different feel than the living room, but doesn’t clash because of the modern finish of the wood. I love that it has two leaf inserts so that we have three adjustable size options for different party sizes. Another aspect that won me over are the corner legs. I’ve had too many bad experiences with tables that obstruct where we can put chairs and our legs when sitting. The corner legs mean no awkward chair spacing or bumping our knees while we eat!

My friend Sharane Dorrah helped me find the perfect chairs to compliment the pink sofa room, while still giving me the dining space I was hoping for. Here’s a similar style Barrel Chair from Perigold

I added some small navy velvet lumbar pillows in each seat to add some contrast and interest. Here’s a similar pillow available at Perigold as well! For wall decor I decided open up the space with mirrors. Again, that was the best option since I had blush tone artwork on the wall perpendicular to the dining area. By using mirrors without frames I avoided a clash of metals. Click here for a beautiful large bevel wall mirror option.

This post was created in collaboration with Perigold, however all opinions and content are created by We The Classy. Thank you for your support and for stopping by!

Photos by Kate Nelle Photography

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  1. Denise says:

    Hi could you please also share sources/ links on the beautiful tablescape as well? I read the post but didn’t see any information on that. Thank you so much!!


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