Our Cozy Family Room

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I’m pleased to share with you another project for 2018 that has come to its completion: Our cozy family room!

The deal was I can have my pink sofa and girly living room if David could have a more masculine family room, ie. no pink! So with those guidelines and the amazing help of Perigold I was able to create a masculine space that is kid friendly too. We spend most of our time in the family area since it gives to the kitchen and I wanted to it be comfortable for everyone. As much as my eyes have been oogling white cushy sofas, I didn’t want to melt down every time the kids entered the family area. I wanted it to be a place where they can brawl and roll cars and snuggle without worrying if the sofa was safe. The family room needs to be where WE feel safe to be ourselves as a family.

That being said we went with this awesome tweed looking soft sectional that is so comfortable it can magically put me to nap at any time of day. The color, Sanford Black, is modern yet can handle the kids. It fits the whole fam bam! Movie night is one of our favorite nights and my heart is so happy when we gather blankets and popcorn to snuggle on this sofa. You can find the sofa in both left and right facing Ls on Perigold HERE.

I decided to go simple with soft navy velvet pillows, which are constantly leaned on and thrown about, but not too eye catching so they don’t clash with our kitchen, which is in close proximity.

We also love our white stone coffee table from Perigold. It’s large and has enough room for both kids to sit at. On any normal day we have laptops and iPads, library books and magazines, and a few random objects on this table. The stone is so incredibly beautiful. I love the bright white with swirling gray marble. We may at some point put black baskets underneath for the kids things. You can find this exact coffee table HERE.

I found a big plush fur blanket that is beautiful against the color of the couch and also is SUPER cozy.

We are throughly enjoying our family area, I love the chic feel, and the kids love the comfiness. David likes that it’s not pink (hehe) so we all win!



This post was done in collaboration with Perigold. Thank you for stopping by We The Classy.

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