This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

Okay, don’t judge me, but every time I say Olay Whip I want to start singing “Watch me Whip, watch me Nay Nay…” or even better: “Watch me Whip, watch me Olay Olay.” I bet it’s stuck in your head now too. You’re welcome.

On to more important business because I’m sitting down to write this blog post to share my experience with Olay Whips! You’ve probably seen it on the shelves or shared on Social Media, but why is it so special?

Well, here’s why I think it’s special. First of all, the price point cannot be beat. Rarely are there moisturizers of the same caliber of Olay Whips found at Walgreens (which is on almost every corner). Whips give luxurious results! YES, luxury from the local Walgreens, hallelujah!

I use a small amount every morning and night and my skin stays completely hydrated in this dry Arizona climate. I naturally have oily skin, but without the proper moisturizer I have trouble with dryness in the morning when I try to apply makeup. There was no dryness in my time using Olay Whips. Another huge selling point (as if price and quality wasn’t good enough) is that it’s Fragrance Fee. Raise your hand if you’re sick of smelling face creams that feel like they’re up your nose all day. I’m raising my hand… I’m waiving it around like my 5 year old when he needs to ask a pressing question. Olay Whips are light, moisturizing and scent free, really really scent free. I tried to sniff out any scent of anything at all, and it’s completely free of headache forming smells.

In The A.M.

Like I previously mentioned, I worked Olay Whips into my morning and evening skin care regimen. In the morning I cleanse and use Olay Whips with SPF, which is SO important in keeping your skin cell regeneration at the highest possible rate. High cell regeneration and proper care = youthful skin!

In The P.M.

  • My evening routine can be a bit more in-depth depending on the day:
  • I start by wiping off my make up with makeup removing wipes.
  • Then I wash and dry my face.
  • On some nights I do a mask that a fashion designer in London gave me. It’s from Taiwan, all natural, and none of the packaging is in english, but I trust her.
  • Then after the mask I apply a light retinoid because I’m in my 30s and I need all the wrinkle help I can get.
  • My next step: apply Olay Whip.
  • Then, lastly I use this Olay Ultimate eye cream.
  • It’s important to add I always drink at least two cups of water before bed, which is also super important to skin hydration.

Check out Olay Whips, it’s easy to find in the skin care isle at Walgreens, click here for more info.

This review was sponsored by Olay, however all opinions and comments are my own. Sponsorships like these allow We The Classy to provide quality content and information.

Photos by: Bree Marie Photography

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