This is a tumbler that understands me. It understands me, my quirks and my demanding lifestyle. The HYDY Tumbler says, “Don’t worry mama, I got your back.” This miracle shatter proof hot/cold tumbler with a lid helps you caffeinate and dominate the day without hurting the environment.

I’d be lying if I said there haven’t been many shattered casualties in my home due to overly exuberant kids and flying balls. Reason number one I reach for my HYDY tumbler first. I don’t cry over spilled milk/coffee/wine… but, sigh… if I have to clean up broken glass from the kitchen one more time that might be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Reason number two that I’m obsessed with my HYDY tumblers, they’re BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, the marble design looks pretty on every counter top.


Reason three I love these perfect little tumblers: they are multi functional. You can use them for yogurt parfaits, coffee, pretty much any sort of beverage of your choice. A lot of afternoons we meet our neighbors out front. While the kids play the moms have a little happy hour. I love the lid and the shatter free material for those afternoons outside with my fellow mamas. Also, lets not forget, I don’t love warm chardonnay, so the insulated technology keeps my beverage of choice refreshing 😉

I have so many reasons to love these tumblers I lost count, but here’s a really important one: They’re good for the environment. I think about this stuff every day because I have two littles growing up. I don’t think they should suffer because of my massive amounts of waste.

Lastly, I just want to say, you’re welcome because these are AMAZING gift items. They are an awesome hostess gift, gift for a friend, gift for a mom, gift for clients or colleagues. I did all the thinking for you. They’re beautiful, quality, and fit into any lifestyle.

Photos by Bree Marie Photography

This collaboration was sponsored by HYDY, however all opinions and words are my own. Sponsorships like this allow We The Classy to provide the best content and quality reviews. 


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