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Well, we all know lululemon nailed the work out, yoga, athleisure universe with perfectly fitting, sweat whisking, cute colored gear… but have you seen their outerwear? Well, this winter I’m staying warm in Lululemon coats and I’m reviewing my favorite of their outerwear for you. Not only are they favorites of what lululemon has to offer, I’m making a case that they are the only winter coats you need in your closet. Start cleaning out the riff-raff and invest in these two to cover all bases. You can thank me for your clean closet later.

I styled one of the Rain Rules Coat that caught my eye because of the longer length, cinched waist and classic color… move over old school trench coats, meet your more functional, more flattering, wrinkle free sister. I say wrinkle free, not because that’s a listed benefit, but because it literally went through the mill over here in my world. From the shipping bag, to my duffle bag, to the back of my car, to my trunk, and around Phoenix… this coat hung on to it’s sleek appearance, no wrinkles in site. Even the light color looks brand new. I love the waist cinching option to give me a better shape too.

The Rain Rules Jacket (View on lululemon here)

  • Great mid-length for rainy days and a trench coat look
  • Water proof and BREATHABLE
  • Light and easy to tote with you when you’re not wearing it
  • Fits easily over sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Transitions from athletic activities to better casual looks, so it’s fitting for a lot of lifestyles.
  • Cinching around the waist and the hood to help lock in warmth when needed.

I layered the Rain Rules Jacket over the Stopover Jacket in Black and The Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in white. The leggings are a new, super body hugging, full length legging that I’m obsessed with called Zoned In Tight  in Black. I’m wearing a size 4 in the Rain Rules coat, and size 2 in everything else. I do suggest going one size up in the Zoned in Tight leggings (because, just like their name says, they’re tight!)

I also had fun swooshing around (that’s what I call it, swooshing) in the super comfy Cloudscape Jacket. Um, I may wear this coat non-stop for the rest of my life because it actually is so light weight and feels like a cloud IS hugging me. I love cloud hugs. Also, Zara told me I look cool in it, the kids approve!!

The Cloudscape Jacket (see it on Lululemon here)

  • Light and fluffy
  • Modern fit with the option to cinch the waist
  • Hidden pockets galore for your phone, gloves, and whatever else you need to tote along.
  • Made with a silky-soft water resistant fabric
  • Down insulated

I love the classic black and feel like it’s the perfect timeless addition to your winter necessities, but it does come in a few other great muted colors as well. The Dark Olive and Black Night are beautiful! I’m wearing a size 6 in the Cloudscape Jacket. Because of the boxy style of the jacket, it can work well within 2 sizes up of your normal sizing. Plus you can pull in the waist with the cinching elastic inside.

There’s something to be said about investing in a few quality, classic coats. Forget the trends and crazy materials and loony colors. I vote classic and high performance that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Here’s two to cover all your bases.

Photo Credit: Bree Cota

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