Perigold Pink Couch Room – Progress Update

Ok, I’m a fashion blogger. I’ve always believed being good at one thing and pursuing that one thing is the best avenue to success, but today I’m being all the things haha! Today I get to be interior blogger too, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my recent obsession: the Modshop Art Decorative Sofa from Perigold.

I’ve always been a neutrals girl. Literally, every single piece of furniture we ever bought was black/gray/white/brown. Ugh, so boring. In my defense, when you’re going to invest in a piece of furniture that you’ll probably look at every day it’s TOUGH to go outside your comfort zone. It was super tough for me, at least. My heart would say, lets get crazy up in this place and my brain would say, NOOO ma’am! Toooo risky! (Yes, my inner monologues are quite exhausting.)

Well, I finally did it. I took the risk. The biggest furniture risk I’ve ever taken, I put PINK in my home. Not only was it a risk for me, but I risked my husband hating it.  After moving in our home a few years ago the living room was really the lowest of priorities. It was our “let the kids run free/Christmas tree room.” I’m a creative and I finally told myself I needed a room to reflect my creative fashion style, also a room to read and drink wine in (very important things.) The timing of our decision to finish the “living room” and my complete obsession with this sofa was impeccable.

Since I’m very good at admitting I’m not an interior design pro, I enlisted in my friends’ help. Sharane Dorrah (AZ Realtor and Interiors Pro) and Kristi Lofstedt (Interior Designer) came over and helped me plan the space out. I had no idea taping off furniture on your floor could be so helpful. We measured for the art work, the chairs, coffee table, and of course, the sofa. I’m still waiting on pieces for this room and am waiting to do the finished styling, but could not wait to share the progress. So here it is my friends… my pride and joy (other than my kids, of course) the pink sofa room!

Oh! And an update on my husband’s thoughts of how the room turned out: He loves it! He said he was amazed at how it came together! (YAY! I win!)




This post was written in collaboration with Perigold, however all words, opinions, and content are my own. Thank you for taking the time to stop by We The Classy!

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  1. Jess says:

    Maria I like your comment it”s not always about the wall color but it is the furniture that is wrong. So many times when I go out on a color consultation the client only wants me to tell them what color to paint the walls. When you tell them that the furniture doesn”t go together they often are insulted because they just bought the furniture. It is hard to tell them that they need to move a chair or replace a new sofa. I like what you did with your room inspiration board. Maybe that is the way to show a client how to pull the room together without upsetting them. You so cleverly showed the reader what her room would look like when everything relates. Love these kind of posts!


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