I think sometimes it’s hard to tell if a new product is working when we have all sorts of other variables playing a part. That’s why I was on board when Olay asked me to take the “Olay 28 Day Challenge.” For 28 days I only used the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and Ultimate Eye Cream (all available at Walgreens). I cleaned off my bathroom counters, tossed my pricey face products in my drawers, and stuck to an Olay anti-aging regimen for the month. I was able to truly decide how it stacks up to the other products I’ve used in the past. Here’s my assessment.

I naturally have skin that gets progressively oily through the day, until I’m super oily, however, the dryness of Arizona plays a part in oddly mixing my skin up. I found a nice dewy balance when I was using the Regenerist Cream. It definitely moisturized me straight out of the shower and kept my skin glowing all day. I liked that I could use the same cream at night (less products = happy mama.) My skin always felt super hydrated. The scent is light and not bothersome at all. If something goes on my face I don’t want the scent to give me headaches so this is an important point for me. I approve of the scent and actually really like it!

The Ultimate Eye Cream has a really interesting texture. If you don’t dab it in thoroughly you can still see the peach tint on your skin. I feel like it’s a great little reminder to dab long enough to make sure your skin has absorbed the eye cream fully.

Over the past 28 days I found that Olay fully stacked up to my other creams keeping me moisturized and notices my fine lines around my eyes were at a minimum. Very few creams have been able to keep those stinkin’ lines at bay, especially since I’m 36!

Here’s some selfies from the 14 and 28 day mark NO FILTERS and NO EDITS:

14 Days


28 Days

On the 28th day I was amidst a monthly hormonal breakout. I think you catch my drift. The few extra pimples had nothing to do with my skincare regimen. The timing wasn’t great, but I really wanted to show how my skin looked at 28 days!


I find it takes at least 14 days for my skin to get used to new products, so I’m really happy I used Olay for a full 28 days and allowed the effects to settle in. I will continue to use the Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and Ultimate Eye Cream to fight those lines, keep my skin plump, and moisturized.



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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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