At the beginning of 2018 I asked my following on Instagram to message me their New Years resolutions or goals. One of the most common responses was: Drink more water daily. It was on my list too. I am doing us all a favor and conducting a HYDY review because I think this water bottle is going to help us slay our 2018 water guzzling goal! The HYDY is a vacuum insulated thermos water bottle. We can officially invest in a few HYDY bottles and do away with the cheap plastic (environment killing) mess. 

As I tested, washed, and used these bottles all week I figured out 1. I Could have a love for a drink flask, 2. This is the most functional one I’ve ever used.

It’s, on average, 110 degrees between May and October in Arizona. Scorching, so I take my hydration very seriously, about as seriously as I take my coffee in the morning. Water is 10 times more enticing to me if it’s cold – HYDY not only keeps the water fresh, but also lets you infuse the water for more delish flavors and health benefits.  I’m going make this review simple. Below are my favorite parts of the HYDY bottle and why my kids and Mother In Law and everyone is using them now. 

  1. Re-usable = cut down on waste (this is a no-brainer)
  2. Keeps my water ice cold on the hottest days here, I drink more fluids and stay healthier.
  3. Let’s not overlook the beautiful color palettes available. 
  4. The separate screw off piece that fits perfectly allows you to insert cucumbers, strawberries, lemon and whatever else you feel like. Then add water and put in the fridge over night. Voila! You have ice cold yummy water all day the next day! Last night I put strawberry slices in the kids’ waters for today! Next time I’m going to use mint from the garden in mine!
  5. They have a screw on tea infuser attachment that is super easy to use and clean (see the pink attachment pictured).
  6. Speaking of cleaning, I’m OBSESSED with their bottle cleaner brush (see pretty aqua colored bottle brush pictured next to our kitchen sink). It makes everything SO much easier!
  7. Lightweight. I found these bottles to be super light compared to others I tried in the past.
  8. HYDY bottles are free of BPA and all the other yucky chemicals so you can be safe knowing your water is helping, not hurting your body. I’m so excited to hydrate with HYDY through the rest of 2018 as I work towards my goal of being the healthiest version of myself, and I’m taking my family on that adventure!

This review is sponsored by HYDY, however all words, opinions and content are my own. Photography by Marissa Shaw. Thank you for taking the time to stop by We The Classy!


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