Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale

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Why I’m sharing the Best Gluten Free Restaurants…

Upon being diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy a few years ago, I became riddled with one of my biggest obstacles. I have always been a foodie. My husband and I plan trips based on where we want to eat, and I love trying everything. Not to mention, my favorite desserts are carb loaded deliciousness like doughnuts and chocolate cake.

It’s taken me 3 years to try different restaurants around the valley and truly find that there are amazing options and wonderful people doing their best to make sure gluten is not a problem when dining with them. What started out as a daunting obstacle and a potential end to my foodie life, no longer affects my cravings and foodie desires. I know I struggle in new cities so I hope this list of the best gluten free restaurants in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area is helpful. And for those who are newly to the Gluten Free camp, not to worry, here’s some of my favorites!

I have been to all of these restaurants, eaten, and not gotten sick. I have a severe allergy meaning my food cannot touch surfaces or other food with gluten. That being said, my recommendations are based on my own experience. Also, I tried to break these down by category, but a lot of them can be to-go and a lot of them can be in multiple categories so make sure you look at the whole list before making any decisions.


Flower Child (I get a lot of different things here, but most often put together my own chicken plate with avocado and GF Mac N Cheese. They also have an assortment of GF brownies and cookies!)

Flower Child Menu

Flower Child Website

Mad Greens (Want something filling? The Spicy Bacon Bowl is INSANELY good and so satisfying!)

Mad Greens Menu

Mad Greens Website

The Original Chop Shop (I’m obsesssssed with the the Danish -find it on the menu under “Chops”- on a GF wrap with Goat Cheese instead of Blue Cheese. For their shakes, I love the Jacked Up PB&J with GF/vegan protein)

Chop Shop Menu

Chop Shop Website

Modern Market

Modern Market Menu

Modern Market Website

Pei Wei (I get the GF sweet and sour chicken. It tastes exactly the same as their regular one. The first time I got take out I even called the restaurant and made them promise me it was GF!)

Pei Wei Menu

Pei Wei Website



Farm & Craft (I most often get the protein pancakes, but have had the egg white scramble too, it’s alllll delish and the patio is super cute too!)

Farm & Craft Menu

Farm & Craft Website


Breakfast Kitchen Bar (This place is awesome for adults and kids. I LOVED their recent special that was a Breakfast Pizza on a delish GF crust, also love their pancakes! Their kids pancakes are not GF, but they’re works of art made of Nutella and whip cream and all the goodies you can think of – sugar high central haha!)

Breakfast Kitchen Bar Menu

Breakfast Kitchen Bar Website

True Food Kitchen (I love the Inside Out Quinoa Burger!!)

True Food Menu

True Food Website


The Henry (This is one of the only, if not the ONLY, places I’ve found that I can have Truffle Fries. That’s right GF Truffle fries. Don’t walk, run. Plus every corner of this place is so pretty and comfy!)

The Henry Menu

The Henry Website 

Zin Burger Wine & Burger Bar (This is my favorite burger place, they have GF buns and a separate fryer for GF fries. It’s adult and kid friendly and both locations we go to, in Phoenix and Scottsdale, are in an outdoor mall so we don’t mind waiting with the kids sometimes.)

Zin Burger Menu

Zin Burger Website



Tommy Bahamas (They have a separate “Gluten Sensitive” menu. Even though it says “sensitive” and I’m fully allergic I have NEVER gotten sick eating off of that menu. You can find that portion of the menu at the end. I do always let them know it’s an allergy and My favorite is the Steak Salad!)

Tommy Bahama Menu

Tommy Bahama Website

Mora (Honestly there aren’t TONS of GF options, but the GF pasta here is one of my favorites. Most of Scott Conant’s restaurants have a GF option and they’re all yummy! Plus, the atmosphere is so much fun!)

Mora Menu

Mora Website


Dough Bird (I get the Prosciutto Goat cheese pizza on GF crust, and the  slow cooked chicken is GF too!)

Dough Bird Menu

Dough Bird Website

Flos (This is my favorite good ol fashioned Chinese and Asian Cuisine spot. They make the lettuce wraps GF and they’re my favorite!)

Flos Menu

Flos Website


Bourbon Steak (This is an upscale restaurant on the Fairmont Princess property, they will customize pretty much anything for you. In addition the Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, on the same property is also delish and has GF options!)

Bourbon Steak Menu

Bourbon Steak Website



Cibo (This is hands down my favorite pizza spot. It’s so good I can’t even tell it’s GF except for the little flags they mark the food with to show you your food has been prepared GF! Also, this is one of my favorite patios in Phoenix, depending on the season they have live music at night and it’s magical!)

Cibo Menu

Cibo Website

Lou Malnatis ( I grew up in Chicago and I just love their pizzas, I was so excited to find out their thinner crust GF pizza is as good as their deep dish!)

Lou Malnatis Menu

Lou Malnatis Website

Mellow Mushroom (This is one of our favorite spots because it’s casual and the kids love it. I also love the GF pizza!)

Mellow Mushroom Menu

Mellow Mushroom Menu Website

Fired Pie (This is my favorite quick lunch spot in Fashion Square mall, my kids love it too. They change their gloves, and separate the pizza in their oven so it’s not touching gluten)

Fired Pie Menu

Fired Pie Website

La Grande Orange (Quick tip: There’s one at the Phoenix Airport that I head to every time I travel so I can have food on the plane.)

La Grande Orange Website

La Grande Orange Menu


My Starbucks drink is:

A Blonde Latte


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  1. Meagan I. says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing your Gluten Free faves! It can be hard to find good options sometimes! xo

  2. Mel says:

    Thank you so much for your suggestions!! My brother in law is gluten free and I had no idea where to take him out for dinner!!

  3. Amy says:

    Heading to Phoenix for the first time and this has been incredibly helpful. Thanks!


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