Have you ever wondered about getting lip injections? I have. I like my lips, but they aren’t exactly voluminous. I wouldn’t mind a little plumping action, but tend to shy away from actually getting injected in my lips because, well, it does not sound pleasant. I’ve tried lip plumping glosses and find they don’t really work and it’s not worth the sting that ruins the yummy wine I may have on a date night. I recently heard about the KISS by PMD and decided to give it a whirl because I couldn’t resist finding out if it works! I was so excited to try it and report back to y’all!

About KISS

The PMD KISS is the smart anti-aging lip plumping device! The PMD KISS works with pulsating vacuum technology to safely plump your lips and accentuate your natural lip color.  Short term it does this by increasing the circulation of blood to your lips. However, the PMD KISS is a daily use device which is where the anti-aging effects come into play! The vacuum technology promotes the production of collagen and elastin which restores the youthful appearance of your lips and produces long-lasting results. One of the best effects of the PMD KISS is that it plumps out lip lines and lip wrinkles which really aids in giving a more flawless finish to any lipstick or lip stain!

Set up
It’s super easy to use. First you have to charge it with a cord similar to charging your iPhone. Then you apply the serum, which does tingle a little bit. The texture of the serum was a bit thick and chalky, so I suggest wiping your lips clean after using the kiss and before applying lip color. Once it’s charged and you’ve applied the serum, you push the KISS against your lips and let it suck at your lips in increments of 10. There’s really easy to follow instructions inside the packaging.

Does it hurt?
No! Not at alllll! The best way I can explain the feeling is a slight sucking on your lip. It does not seem strong enough to bruise or hurt you as long as you are using it all correctly. I was completely comfortable through the whole process.

How long does it take?
It takes about 1 minute! Yes, so so quick. You can do it for a little longer than that, but 1 minute is completely doable in my morning schedule, or before a date with my husband.

It worked! No, I don’t look like Kylie Jenner, but I my lips were plumper, and a little brighter too! I saw a difference and noticed the length of the results lasted for the evening, so only a few hours, but you can use the device again as you please. In my opinion, with more uses it may prolong the length of the plumping effect.

Before and After



I am going to keep using it over the next few weeks and keep you updated on my Instagram stories about my experience. I had so much fun trying the KISS out! I’ve always been super curious to see if it would work and if I could use it in place of getting lip injections. I’m totally happy with the results for a date night or photo shoot!



This post was sponsored by PMD, all opinions and words are my own. Sponsorships like this one enable We The Classy to continually provide quality content and product reviews. Photography: Riss Rahm Photography 

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