Now a days I’m in search of moments. I’m in search of reasons to connect with my family. It’s easy to buy stuff, I’m in search of the things money CAN’T buy. I go to bed smiling when my kids share stories with me, or we have an extra fun night giggling really hard. So, when I have to answer the question, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” Naturally my response is I want the good stuff, I want to feel the love of my children. Oh, and coffee in bed!  Mixbook was a really awesome way to experience that kind of love from my kiddos. Here’s how they turned my Mother’s Day gift into a feeling of love that will keep on giving all year long.

First my kiddos hopped on with me. I loaded a bunch of pictures into their platform, which was really quick and smooth (probably the easiest time I’ve ever had loading pictures up and that’s basically my job, so that says A LOT!) After looking though all of the cool personalized products they have available, we decided to make a calendar for 2018 because my calendar is a 1/2 year, one that ends in June. This was SO MUCH FUN! They picked out the pictures of themselves that they wanted for their birthday months. They also went through and picked out their favorite pictures from last year for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even pictures of my husband and I that make them smile.

We filled the calendar up with moments that correspond with the month. I then also ordered the pictures they liked in square prints. I love that Mixbook has larger square prints. Most sites have squares available that are a lot smaller and harder to see.

When the calendar arrived  from Mixbook we sat and went through each month. They lit up seeing their birthday months! They showed me which picture prints they loved and why. It was so cute to see them hugging the photos and talking about what happened the day we took them.

That is all I could have asked for as a mother. Knowing that my children feel the love of our family and feel their importance in our family. I sat down and transferred everything to my new calendar and am using it right now to plan out May (Blake’s birthday month, he’s turning 5!) For the rest of the year I get to enjoy this gift and talk to them each month about the pictures we chose.

Smiles all around.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I agree! It’s moments we crave and how wonderful these moments look!!!❤️


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