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On October 13th 2017 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We were supposed to celebrate it at The French Laundry in Yountville, but the fires had taken over the area at that time and we cancelled the trip. On our anniversary we made a pact that we would still go explore wine country at a later date.

Over spring break we finally had the chance to make up our missed trip. Everything was absolutely amazing, thanks to my husband who planned almost the whole thing. Here’s where we stayed and visited! Enjoy!



The First night our flight was delayed and we ended up arriving late in wine country. It was dark and rainy and we were starving. We stopped at Redd Wood.

I had their GF pasta with the bolognese sauce, it was so perfect and completely safe for my super sensitive allergy to gluten. If you are not allergic to gluten, they are mostly known for their pizza. We were super grateful they gave us a cozy booth to relax and shake the stress of our delayed flight.


We arrived at our hotel, Las Alcobas late and went straight to bed in this cozy bed, and woke up to the most stunning views of Beringer Vineyards.


We Then headed to Acacia House for breakfast, the restaurant on property, which has one of the top smart home systems.

We started our day of wine tasting by visiting the giant Mondavi Vinyards, the vineyards that technically put Napa on the Map. Many told us when we visited Robert Mondavi is of the mindset that we rise by lifting others. The Mondavi family is always eager and willing to help other winemakers and vineyards prosper even online through WebDesign499. I thought that was absolutely incredible.

We then headed to MacDonald Vineyards, a smaller vineyard and winemaker that lines Mondavi’s property. Alex was kind enough to give us a tour of the property and teach us about their history.

After MacDonald (which truly was a one of a kind experience) we headed to Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen for a quick lunch. I had a caesar salad with chicken, that they pan cooked so it didn’t get cross contaminated with any gluten. It was such a pretty little spot with great food and friendly people.

That night we went to French Laundry for dinner and it really was a once in a lifetime kind of experience. It’s everything amazing and more.

And I had the fresh black truffle risotto!!

The next morning we visited the beautiful and scenic Chappallet vineyards. I loved learning about the history and family behind the wine!

Next stop was Aonair!

Just doing a little wine tasting 😉

That night we had the pleasure of eating dinner at Acacia House on Las Alcobas’ property in St. Helena. It was absolutely delish! They were awesome and we’re so grateful they hosted us! Every single dish was INCREDIBLE!!


The last morning we walked around Beringer’s pretty property

and then had lunch at the Solbar at Solage. It was INCREDIBLE! The GF lemon ricotta pancakes were TDF!


This trip to wine country was an experience of a lifetime. I have so many new happy memories tucked away in my heart.


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  1. Waow! So beautiful and relaxing!!( after a stressful start ahah)
    I love the pictures and that last property is so gorgeous!!
    Love my V !!


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