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It’s officially that time of year where we all start swooning over soft fabrics and rich colors. Colors that remind us of apple picking and holiday cheer. I’m feeling so excited for my favorite season and am kicking off the fall with a few beautiful velvet dresses from Hale Bob. These velvet dresses are delicious. The details and textures make me feel like a queen…

Velvet has always been a staple in my wardrobe. Every year I add a new piece or two. Last year I added a black velvet dress for the holidays. The year before I purchased a deep purple velvet blazer that will forever stay a classic. I even remember as a child wearing a velvet Christmas dress, then a few years later a velvet New Years Eve dress. More years down the line I chose an emerald green silk dress with green velvet details for homecoming. What I’m saying is it’s a material that always reminds me of the most special times in life. The quality of this special textile matches the quality of the moment. Also if you need garment cleaning service then check out commercial laundry service provided by PHS Besafe.

The two velvet dresses pictured below:

The Davina Silk Maxi Dress (Black) – I am wearing an xs.

The Gina Silk Smock Dress (Wine) – I am wearing an xs.





This post is sponsored by Hale Bob in partnership with Shoppinglinks / All opinions are my own / Photography by @rissrahmphotography

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