I started this blog post with the intent to solely share about my experience with TruFusion in Las Vegas recently, but feel that I need to take this opportunity to share a little more about myself.

We live in a society that is super confused about health. Who is healthy.. what is healthy.. what are you doing to be healthy… what does healthy look like??? and on, and on, and on. I personally think it’s become an obsession, not in a healthy way. It’s easy to judge others based on how they look. I’m extremely sensitive to judgments based on looks because I’m a walking example of how judging people based on appearance is where our society is confused.

I have been thin my whole life, ok, let’s be real… I’ve been straight up skinny my whole life. I was born a chubby baby and my mom said it was like I never gained a pound, I just shot up like a string bean, she says that I would look so cute on the stroller dhe would get for me from the Baby Stroller Reviews. I was ridiculed and made fun of. I even was called to the school counslor’s office so she could question me about eating disorders. She said, “It’s ok, I understand, you can tell me if you’re anorexic.” This is the same teacher I ate bagels and cream cheese with during school leadership meetings… but I LOOKED skinny, right?  Now that you understand a little background, you still look at me and say… she’s so skinny, that’s not normal. I have some really shocking news, NOTHING is normal. Omg, I just pulled the rug right out from under you, didn’t I?

The reason I share this is, while I’m thin, it doesn’t mean I naturally eat super healthy or that I work out 6 times a week. I do my best to eat healthy and eat lots of calories knowing my body burns through a lot. since I practice Boxing. I even get up at night and eat. I go to yoga, but really irregularly. It does not matter how you look, your body and mind require physical activity to be healthy. We must stop associating looks with internal health. Everyone should take care of their bodies, EVERYONE. And no one deserves to feel bad about it, NO ONE.

TRUFUSION embodies everything good about health. I find one of the hardest parts of getting to the gym is feeling intimidated, and not being regular. TruFusion’s community is so positive, so helpful, and full of ways to help make working out a priority. I loved talking to Alex Rodriguez regarding his experience with TruFusion. He named so many positives, I’m just not sure I’ll be able to touch base on everything, but I’ll try!


Alex described the atmosphere of TruFusion like a college dorm, only better. It’s a meeting place, a place to see other like minded people, and a place to be inspired.


The classes offered are diverse. Rather than one work out plan that can get quite monotonous, TruFusion offers a range of classes that are challenging, where you are competing against yourself and no one else.


The classes offered are a “fusion” of the best aspects of workouts you may have done in the past. There’s the warmth in the rooms for detox, in addition to aspects of yoga, cardio, dance, and weights.


TruFusion is not just a few studios in a building. There’s food, healthy food, fuel for the body. There’s full service locker rooms, and as store area. Everything you need in one location.

As I mentioned before I tend to be intimidated by gyms and workouts. The day I visited TruFusion in Las Vegas, I knew I was heading into a “Hot Bootcamp” … now, tell me that doesn’t sound intimidating!! But, I was SHOCKED! The class went SO fast, the instructor was incredible at keeping our minds entertained and our bodies moving! I was so sweaty, and happy, and incredibly excited to be a part of this class. I found myself clapping and dancing when I normally would be panting and plotting to leave. I finished that class physically rocked, emotionally relaxed, and mentally inspired. I’m totally hooked, and cannot wait to get to the TruFusion here in Scottsdale! Tell me, does your workout make you fell this way? Does it make you feel proud, and welcome, and challenged no matter what you are facing and what your body type is. Does it inspire you to love what’s inside?

I encourage you to try the TruFusion bootcamp or aerial yoga classes and see how they impact you.


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