My blog is mostly about fashion, but these long summer days with the kiddos are making us all antsy and I’ve been focusing on doing some new projects with them. I searched for some kid-friendly artsy science projects (that would be fun for me too) and landed on this great idea for ice art. It’s 110 degrees outside here so anything with ice is a great idea! –>

[h5]What You’ll Need[/h5]

  1. Tempera Paint (we liked the metallic ones, you can find them at Michaels too)
  2. A few bowls of frozen water = ice blocks
  3. Bowls for paint colors
  4. Spoons or eye droppers for paint
  5. Tray and towel


  1. Freeze a couple bowls of ice
  2. Set up a tray with towel underneath 
  3. Mix non-toxic tempera paints with a tiny amount of water to dilute them slightly (I loved using the metallic colors). Put each color in a container with a spoon or eye dropper. 
  4. Let the bowls thaw a tiny bit so you can get the ice out. Put the ice on the tray.
  5. Give each kid enough salt to pinch and sprinkle over the ice. (we tried some rock salt and regular kitchen salt)  
  6. Discuss how the salt affects the ice. How it melts the ice differently than temperature. Also, maybe bring up how this is helpful in colder climates when the roads are frozen.
  7. Let kids drizzle the paint over the top of the ice that now has texture and holes. Watch how the colors seep into the ice.  
  8. Once filled with colors let them take the ice outside and look at it in the sun. 

  9. You can also do things like use the ice to pain the sidewalk, or let it melt in the tray further. Let them swirl the melting colors with their fingers.


Have funnnn!!!


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