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‘Tis the season of festivals. There’s something in the air that makes me want to hightail it out of town and dance my heart out to live music, maybe it’s the spring weather, but this year it’s not just about the physical destination as much as my mental destination. What? I sound crazy? We’re all crazy. Maybe Lulus festival season isn’t just about the big concerts and bucket list experiences, maybe it’s about a little spring cleaning of the soul and letting your true self shine outward. Thanks to I explored just that and brought to you my favorite moments with personal style. You can find my looks and more at Lulus Festival Shop.

[h4]Look One[/h4]

Lulus San Tropez Black Print Jumpsuit

Lulus Idalia Black Suede Strappy Peep Toe Heel


I became inundated with all of the media and noise streaming into my phone and my home. I couldn’t find quiet, or happy, my soul was weighed down. If you ask me this is what festival season is about: getting outside, cleansing our souls, and ignoring what the world thinks. Finding our present in culture that worries too much about the past and the future.

For those who have just about had it with #festivalvibes and #festivalbabes, I dare you to head out to a concert under the stars with a blanket and not much more. Tuck your phone away, disconnect from the noise, just be. Find your center. This is what it’s all about.

[h4]Look Two[/h4]

Lulus Dainty Darling Maxi Dress

Lulus Resplendent Silver Statement Necklace

Lulus Noelani Mauve Suede Ankle Booties (run slightly small, order 1/2 size up)

In collaboration with I embraced the style of festival season, but it came at a time where I truly did need a change, and to disconnect. I needed to find my natural state, starting with shorter hair and a change of scenery we had the opportunity to capture some beautiful looks from My favorite pieces had long lengths with high slits that show movement in a passing breeze: The San Tropez Black Print Jumpsuit and the Dainty Darling Maxi Dress (shown here) Honorable mention to the pink booties that say, “I’m a no nonsense girly girl.”

I’m still spring cleaning my soul. It’s a process because I have to take the advice I dish, and that’s not easy.

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May you see a twinkling star in the sky tonight and feel it in your heart <3



Photo credit: @rissrahmphotography
VW Bus: @thefotoboothbus
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  1. monic says:

    I love both of these looks

    Simply Sutter


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