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Clarins has been hard at work trying to make the perfect eyeliner. I think they succeeded. What would be your dream wishlist for an eyeliner? What are all the things you would want your liner to do: go on straight, fill between and against the lashes, make your lashes look longer, not be messy… ahhh, well they did it all with the Clarins 3 Dot Liner!

The Clarins 3 Dot liner has three amazing little points at the end, which you dab along your lash line. It fills between your lashes to give them the look of volume and length. There’s no brushes or awkward applications. I am TERRIBLE at liquid liner! 90% of the time I have a child or dog running around my legs when I’m trying to apply make up, so no fuss/no mess is a big deal to me. The fact I can put the Clarins 3 Dot Liner on straight says A LOT!!

[h3]Actual Results[/h3]

As you can see in the picture below, it is straight and seamless with my lashes. As a side note, my lashes are 100% my real lashes in all of these pictures with mascara applied. I love love how it looks on and am an instant fan, the design and application part won me over, but the look is exactly what I want from an eyeliner. It also stayed put for most of the day. I have trouble with eyeliner transferring onto my user lid because of the deep fold of my eyelids, this did slightly transfer, but nothing dramatic. I’m actually really impressed! At $28 it sits nicely in the middle of the cost for eyeliners, but provides incredible results.


This post is all my own opinion// sponsored in collaboration with Clarins  and Tidal Labs // Photographed by @rissrahmphotography


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