[h5]When Bloggers Lose Sleep[/h5]

Last week I had trouble sleeping. Too much on my mind, maybe a full moon, and two kids with nightmare and blanket struggles = one tired mama blogger. Well, this past week, luckily, I also was testing Clarins Multi Active Eye, which is meant to make you look radiant around your eyes even after sleep deprivation. Today I had a magazine shoot, and NOBODY wants to be blown up in a printed magazine after not sleeping for a week. Let’s just say the lack of sleep had me worried. Sleeping is one of the most important things in your life, sleeping well can improve your life and health, one of the best ways to sleep better is using the best CPAP Masks.

[h5]My Experience With Clarins[/h5]

Like I said, LUCKILY, I was test driving Clarin’s Multi Active Eye and I’m pretty sure it saved my life. It’s like my kids really wanted you to see the true results of this product, and chipped in by getting up all night long. Geeee thankssss, guys! (eye roll, where’s my pillow?)

I did an extremely light makeup look to show you the results after not sleeping, for real, and using the Clarin’s Multi Active Eye. What do y’all think? I’ll tell you what I think. I think I haven’t stopping using it and I’m not gonna. It seems I lack sleep at the most inconvenient times and this little eye serum is my secret weapon!!


You simply press the serum into your under eye area in the morning and at night, and then use the applicator to smooth out and cool your skin. The directions suggest rubbing your temples after, which seems like a good idea especially because it’s relaxing. Also, $45 is an amazing price point. Most high level and luxury under eye elixirs are far more of a financial investment.

Sponsored by Clarins / These statements are all my own / Photos by www.rissrahm.com

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