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I dream about naps all day, if that’s possible, but being a mom means I worry a lot and sleep less than the average. When renovating and remodeling our master “retreat” one really important factor came to mind: THE BEDDING!! I have to admit, I’ve compormised quite a bit on our bedding in the past because our bedroom over all just wasn’t where I wanted it, but I realize now how important it was to do an overhaul and use only quality organic bedding. If you’re looking for a very comfortable bed and provides adequate support at your back while sleeping you should go to this blog mattress can cause back pain. There’s A LOT of brands out there, one of them is Bunnycup Embroidery and that alone can be overwhelming, but if you narrow down by price and quality there is only one option: Boll & Branch

[h5]About Boll & Branch[/h5]

Boll & Branch is an amazing company that stands behind a luxurious product. Normally, you get the luxury without the social consciousness, but Boll & Branch prioritized both aspects successfully!

“The Boll & Branch seal means more than just meticulous craftsmanship. It means economic opportunity for the farmers and factory workers that dedicate their lives to the cultivation and manufacturing of cotton textiles. It means each product was made with respect for the human and environmental resources that make it possible.” – Boll & Branch

I can vouch that their products are INSANELY soft! My bed is like a big soft cloud and I consistently climb in every chance I get.

“Since its inception, Boll & Branch has directly sourced the world’s finest organic cotton and re-engineered every design for a better-end product of heirloom quality. Each detail is highly intentional—from the tension of the thread to the diameter of the yarn and the type of dye used.” – Boll & Branch

You can read more about their quality and processes on

[h5]My Choices[/h5]

White Hemmed Sheet Set that I’m convinced hug me when I crawl into bed.

Hemmed White Duvet Cover – Our last duvet was too small and it drove me BANANAS! This duvet fits PERFECT. It’s life changing when we both fit under the duvet. Also, when I make my bed other sheets and bedding don’t hang visibly lower on the sides.

3 White Hemmed Euro Shams ( 3 across fit perfect on a Cal. King bed, they are large and statement making)

3 Navy Banded Euro Shams (to show the variation in style)

1 Navy Banded Lumbar Sham

Navy Cable Knit Throw -It’s the perfect size and weight, I snuggle with it all the time. My husband is always warm and I’m always cold (which, is par for most couples), this throw makes it easy for me to warm up a little when he doesn’t want to add more blankets.

My interior designer and best friend, Kristi Lofstedt, helping me make choices for decor

I decided to showcase two different types of shams on the bed to give a better understanding on how the difference can change the feel of the room.  The banded ones definitely gave it a more masculine feel in this instance. I love both looks, but will probably use the all white so we can mix and match more pillows on the bed.

I’m so excited about this organic, socially conscious, luxurious, and cost effective bedding by Boll & Branch. I really wouldn’t bother searching around for anything that even compares, because there isn’t.

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