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Have you ever browsed through the Minted art selection online? Chances are you are like me and you found yourself lost amongst the beauty, fantasizing about what you would put where in your home. I’m so excited I was able to decorate our bedroom with art provided by Minted. They have the most insanely gorgeous and unique selections. I wanted a mix of modern and classic, and was able to accomplish exactly that. I promise the challenge with Minted  is not finding something you like, it will be liking too many pieces and having to narrow them down. I cannot wait to expand my collection through the rest of our house!


[h5]Over Bed[/h5]

I chose Plant Cell 2 and Plant Cell 3 prints by Mary Gaspar for over the bed to tie in the black bases of the lamps and white bedding. It also, tied in my love for black and white style. My interior designer and best friend Kristi Lofstedt is pictured here doing some last room adjustments for pictures. We tested out two different bedding styles with the artwork, and I decided on the all white with leopard pillow. You see how nicely the prints tie in modern and classic elements.


[h5]Over Chaise Lounge[/h5]

The other Minted Art print that I fell in love with is “All Is Quiet” by Jenni Kupelian. She took this picture while touring Iceland. The title, and the over all feeling in this print is pure calmness. I can’t think of a picture I’d rather see in my personal sanctuary of “quiet” considering quiet is uncommon in a home with two littles.

This print pulls in the caramel color of the chaise as well as the whites through out the rest of the room. It truly is a perfect fit that exudes calm.

Photos by: Marissa Rahm

Even as the light of the day dims, this corner gains a magical ambience. The most perfect corner for reading.



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