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I have an undeniable passion for fashion, which is why my blog mostly focuses on style, but my desire to create does not discriminate. After YEARS of pinning my dream home ideas to Pinterest, like herringbone flooring,  I finally decided to take the plunge and put those ideas to use. We moved into our home a couple years ago knowing we would eventually rip almost everything out: kitchen, flooring, bathroom fixtures, lighting, cabinets… etc etc. It was only a matter of time and budget before we embarked on the renovation journey.

Today, I’m excited to say, we are starting with our master suite. Our master suite is on the lower level of our two level home. The first step was to meet with my best friend and interior design genius (like, literally.. she’s incredible) Kristi Lofstedt.  We discussed ideas for the room and an over all look. I wanted so many things: classic, edgy, and unique… but also I’m a sucker for making EVERYTHING monotone. If it was left to me we would end up with black, white and gray EVERYTHING. Kristi showed me ideas that appealed to my monotone desires while managing to bring in colors and prints to emphasize my personal edginess.

She accompanied me to Floor & Decor where I chose the flooring for our master that we will carry into the rest of the lower level in phase 2. Today I’m sharing with you the first step of picking flooring with Floor & Decor.


[h5]Choosing A Flooring and Design[/h5]

My final material choice: Mansfield Amber Wood Plank Porcelain Tile

I’ve always been OBSESSED with herringbone flooring. When we discussed it with a couple contractors they explained the process is a bit more labor intensive and uses a little more material. I purchased an extra 100 sqft for a 500 sqft area, 600 sqft of materials total. Labor was quoted about $500 more than the quote for regular laid straight flooring. Over all you have to be ready to spend more for the herringbone design. The next question was what type of flooring? We have two kids (3 and 5) and a goldendoodle, whatever we used needed to be durable and easy to maintain.

I decided on a wood look tile. At first I was drawn to the more gray colored planks, but with the help of Kristi, I redirected my attention to a more classic tone, as seen below.

The wood look tile I chose: Mansfield Amber 6×24

I then chose the slightly wider plank because the floor space we are covering is quite large (eventually our whole lower level) and I didn’t want tiny tiles, I felt the thicker ones would cover the area better. HOOOOORAY I had a floor. The team at Floor & Decor was incredibly helpful by laying out the tiles in the herringbone pattern so I could see what it would look like. They were patient and spent a lot of time explaining the edges, sizing, patterns, etc. so I knew I was making the right decision.

Herringbone design with the wider plank I chose.


[h5]Choosing Grout and Spacing[/h5]

My final grout choice: 04 Bahama Beige Unsanded Grout

I chose a 1/16 grout line between each tile for a more natural wood look. Also, I picked a darker grout to give the illusion of a shadow between planks. My over all goal is to make it look as much like wood as possible, while still having the durability of porcelain. The grout color is: 04 Bahama Beige. Flooring installation starts TOMORROW!! Stay tuned because I will be sharing the changes and final product!

Here’s the combo I chose, laid straight in one of their displays.


From there we had fun checking out all of their marble tiles and cool backsplash/bathroom ideas. Here a are a few of my favorites, all at super reasonable prices. I’m keeping these ideas in my back pocket for the kitchen and kids bath!!



Sponsored by Floor & Decor // Please contact either me or Floor & Decor with any product questions. 


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