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I love balayage hair color, and ombre hair color, and all those pretty color variations that are trending lately. I lightened my color with the intent of it being a super cool beige blond, but had not realized how the water in Arizona strips color treated hair so fast. Within a week of my visit to the salon, my brassy tones were starting to surface. I’ve tried purple shampoos and blue shampoos, but wasn’t really getting great results. I can’t even tell you the number of times I wondering if there was a company that made at home toners for between trips to my hair stylist, Jessica Marsical, who is incredible. Madison Reed answered my prayers for refreshing my color at home, keeping me photo ready, and providing hair products that are reasonable and easily attainable.

I started by using the Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss (you can learn more about the colors and treatment here.) Let’s just say I’m totally obsessed. I apply this gloss to my brassy blonds that need toning and let them stand about 20 minutes before getting in the shower. This Color Reviving Gloss  (you can purchase it here at a super reasonable cost) works WONDERS. It really pulls down the brass and makes my hair look so much more shiny and and cool toned. I wash it out with Madison Reed’s shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. My hair truly is softer to the touch because I think their products nourish hair that’s been processed while being gentle on the tones.

All of the products are very reasonable considering most high end shampoos cost more. I will definitely be using their gloss between appointments to make sure my locks stay super fresh.

photos: rissrahmphotography



I put a little on my bathtub to give you an idea of what the gloss looks like. To apply: comb it through your dry hair, starting at your roots, before you shower.




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