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I’m always holding my phone, not sure that’s anything to brag about. Let’s be honest, you’re phone is probably in your hand right now reading this, or at least not too far from your side. Better yet, it’s probably in your butt pocket. Due to crazy amounts of use, I go through iPhone cases pretty fast. You can call me a pro in iPhone case quality due to the different brands and kinds I’ve tried. That’s why you should take this as a serious recommendation when I say, has the 1. best selection of pre-designed cases. 2. Easiest system for creating a custom iPhone case. 3. The best quality for your money. 4. I have a 20% off code: WETHECLASSY20 to make your purchase even more worth it!

I love the matte cases, they are so reasonable, and have a great texture. I ordered one case that was pre-designed and offered on their page, and another custom iPhone case with my “We The Classy” logo on it. It took me almost no time to design it and put the order through. I seriously found the process incredibly “glitch-free” and easy.

Get 20% off your order with: WETHECLASSY20



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  1. Gigi says:

    I love both of these cases! So great! And I mean, a girl can never have too many phone cases right?!
    – Gigi


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