For the last 5 years I’ve been wearing fragrances by a fragrance connoisseur called The House of Creed. They have been the creators of scents for royalty since 1760. There is no doubt they are THE experts when it comes to the perfume and cologne industry. The quality of their work and their scents are unsurpassable, and I have ALWAYS been a fan. From the moment the first Creed scent drifted past me I was in love.


The House of Creed is rolling out a new fragrance for women, that is anything but “new.” Aventus for Men has been a favorite amongst the classy and dapper for years. This week they unveiled Aventus for Her and it’s anything but shy. The House of Creed represented this awaited fragrance with a campaign to empower women and girls all over with the hashtag #empoweredelegance and a donation to I Am That Girl. See an excerpt from Creed’s site below:

“In celebration of Aventus for Her and the scent’s inspiration of strong women, The House of Creed will donate $25,000 to I AM THAT GIRL, a non-profit organization with over 180 local chapters and an online community of over 900,000 strong. Co-founded by Emily Greener and Alexis Jones, the organization empowers, supports and educates an engaged and growing community of girls from across the globe to love and express themselves through online and offline programs and initiatives.”

The actual fragrance itself does not fall short of the powerful message The House of Creed is sending out through #empoweredelegance. It is full of beautiful layers and has a strength to it. My daughter recognized the new scent on me right away (Top notes: Green apple, pink berries, patchouli, Italian bergamot
Middle notes: Turkish and Bulgarian Roses, Styrax, Sandalwood Mysore and musk
Base notes: Sweet peach, cassis, lilac, amber, and slang slang.)


I twirl through one spray into the air in my bathroom in the morning and it becomes more beautiful as the day goes on. One of the reasons I love Creed scents so much is they become more beautiful as the day progresses while it’s competitors just tend to fade.

Try Aventus for Her and take part in the campaign for #empoweredelegance

PS. Don’t even get me started on the Men’s scents! They are AMAZING! Try Aventus or Silver Mountain Water (two of my favorites on my husband)





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  1. Erin says:

    Ooooh I’ll need to try them out. xx, Erin –

  2. Carolyn says:

    I’ve been seeing this scent everywhere and I so want to try it!


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