I’m a foodie. I love eating, wether I cook at home or eat out, I love trying new food and trying delicious food.

I recently had the pleasure of spending time at Prado the restaurant at the Omni Montelucia. I was able to try some of the best new dishes on Chef Alex Stratta’s menu. He is a master chef who’s talent shines through each of his dishes.

My afternoon was filled with delectable flavors, from beautifully prepared fresh fish to slow roasted short ribs, yummy cheeses and sweet desserts. I loved every bite from start to finish. We had the opportunity to talk to Chef Alex, he was very kind and happy to share with us his experiences as a chef, as well as a father. I love learning more about what drives people and how they ended up in their expertise.

I highly suggest you head over the the beautiful Montelucia and have a relaxing dinner at Prado, try the delicious food, let your mind go on vacation, and drink one for me 🙂



Photo Credit: Grace Stufkosky






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