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Many years ago (omg, that makes me feel old… or like the beginning of Star Wars) I was in college and I started working in the cutest little boutique. Well, this boutique job turned into friends for life, and my maid of honor in my wedding, and priceless relationships. By the way, you can find an amazing groomsmen gift sets that can be customized here at Sometimes we don’t realize the benefit of our job is creating lasting relationships.

So more recently I had a chance to revisit this little boutique called Divaz on Mill Avenue near Arizona State University where I earned my bachelors in Communication. It was a total blast from the past. I had a chance to meet the sweet girls working there, and saw a reflection of myself and the relationships I built there. Unsurprisingly, the clothing hung through the store was super cute, and the scene out on Mill Ave. was bustling. I felt like I never left. Being from Chicago, I’ve always enjoyed boutique shopping where it’s easy to find unique styles, and a good vibe.

I picked a few of my favorite items and looks from through out the store to photograph and share. I even purchased one of the body suits for my date night the following night with my husband. I adored the mix of styles, which spoke to all of my fashion personalities: classic, boho, chic, fancy, casual… yes, I’m all of those things and most people have different dimensions of their style.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Divaz on Mill and shopping, and shooting with Ashley Rae Photography (she is a ray of sunlight always).




Photography: Ashley Rae Photography

Outfitted by: Divaz Boutique








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