It’s so so so simple: The Shirt Dress. It’s not normally something I think twice about, or lust over, but there’s so much more to a shirt dress than we give it credit for.

Today I’m giving it credit for being the most unexpectedly perfect pool cover up. Think how great it is that you can control how much shows by how much you button. It’s casual, but chic for the pool, and totally modern at the same time. Unlike the sheer coverups you can button up and head right into a restaurant for lunch, or run to the store.

I’m all about fashion that functions, and this is one look that works.




Photographer: Marisa Belle Photography

Location: The Camby

Shirt Dress






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  1. Erin says:

    You sell a shirt dress so well and your body is unreal + add two kids on top of it. You’re not human haha. Adore you! xx, Erin –


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