I stick to a fairly simple skin regimen while trying to balance out the dry Arizona air on my oily skin, but it’s not easy. I recently had the absolute pleasure of using Orogold. It’s an insanely luxurious line that my skin danced with. Yes, it felt like my skin danced from pure joy. Orogold’s line is made from the most pure ingredients, but most importantly GOLD! You guessed it, that’s where it gets it’s name.


Each product comes with a certificate of authenticity stating authentic quality gold from Italy is included as a signature ingredient. Orogold’s line smells magnificent. I looked forward to applying each step because I knew I would be able to breathe in the beauty.

I tried the Skin Cleanser, the Peel, the 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, and the Daytime Skin Creme. I loved all of them, which is not common for me, because I get very used to my daily skin routine and try not to switch it up much.

I have to say the serum made the biggest difference. I could tell by how my skin looks in the morning when I wake up. I think due to Orogold’s C Serum I could possibly be one of those people that posts #iwokeuplikethis pics, just MAYBE! Keep an eye out 😉 My morning skin is smooth and I feel younger than I did 5 years ago, which is a miracle. It smells like a delicious tart citrus dessert and I look forward to using it, even under my make-up all day, it gives my skin a very dewy gleaming finish that’s not “oily.”


I’m beyond happy with my skin’s overall texture and softness. Orogold made a huge difference. You can even ask my husband!





Read more about Orogold and find their amazing products HERE. I’m simply blown away by their quality and research backing.




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