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What’s Lyon+Post? Lyon+Post makes amazing shopping possible for boss babes and busy mamas like me. You go online, add some things to your cart, they mail those items to you in a jiffy with a return bag. You try on, you likey? you no likey? You pay for what you keep. Boom. Goodbye fitting rooms, goodbye rushed purchases. Goodbye not being able to tell if you like that dress because you don’t have the right pair of shoes or bra with you. Goodbye rushed returns or finding out there’s only exchanges, no returns (the worst, it’s happened to the best of us.) 

This is all so brilliant and one of the reasons I really really adore Lyon+Post is that they carry the most beautiful and quality labels. They carefully select the items they offer, and it’s all front of the closet worthy. I chose this amazing X back Milly dress. The front part unbuttons if you are feeling sassy. Also, the perfect white blazer that you can easily sling over your shoulders on a chilly summer night, a necessity for every getaway.

Check it out, and enjoy.







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