Did somebody say diamonds?

As I run through life with two kids and my blog, and all sorts of crazy jazz, it takes something very very serious to slow me down to walking pace. Something serious like diamonds (as my eyes twinkle.)

Macy’s Diamond sale is on, and they have my attention, which is hard to come by these days. Now, I need your undivided attention because they are giving an additional 20% off these beautiful pieces with the promo code: JEWEL

Some people power through sales like a task force, but some pay the premium just to avoid such circumstances, so I’m going to share a few of my favorites. Let me spare you the search game by giving you a personal stylist opinion with a personal stylist discount. Ah! This is so fun!

Now, let’s talk heart-stopping, because the Geo by EFFY stops my heart in every way, and how could you ignore the matching Geo necklace. You will probably notice a silver/white gold trend in my favorites. This is true because this summer I picture bright silvers on tan skin and I can’t shake the feeling that we all will be paying closer attention to silvers in the next few years. Another great silver bangle is the EFFY Balissima Diamond Bangle. It’s palm design is a total winner and if you’ve been following We The Classy long enough, palm prints are a re-occuring favorite.


EFFY Balissima


I love stacking rings. For example, the EFFY Trio ring grabs my eye every time. Another flawless stacker that I promise will be one of your favorites to own is the X3 Diamond Band. I’d totally rock this on my middle or index finger. You could wear these rings together and separate depending on the day.

But this Geo EFFY Diamond Ring will have to stand alone, and that’s totally ok, because it’s an attention grabber.



Or if you really LOVE the stacked look, like I do, but don’t want to buy the multiple pieces, then I end on this note: go structured and create that layered look with these two pieces. My favorite two in the EFFY Collection at Macy’s. If you’re going to buy these, I’d grab them at their lowest price of the year. These two are on my wishlist.

The Geo EFFY Diamond Stacked Ring


The Geo EFFY Diamond Stacked Cuff2977712_fpx-1.tif

Save 45-60% plus extra 20% off with promo code: JEWEL Duration: Start: 3/27 End: 4/12

This collaboration and post was supported by Macy’s and Shopping Links

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