I hate to admit it, but most of the time I feel like a clown juggling a million balls, riding a bicycle… that’s on fire. I have so many moving parts in my life and I try to accomplish each small task one at a time without getting overwhelmed. That being said, if I arrive to Friday in one, not-quite frazzled, piece then I feel like a super hero. Enter, the best Super T-Shirt EVER for $10.82.

Aside from the PERFECT modern fit with rolled sleeves, I’m over the moon excited about my Super T-Shirt. If things are going my way I get to pretend it’s my super mom, super hero shirt. If things aren’t going my way I can just look in the mirror and laugh. Maybe that day it can be my “super messed up” “super exhausted” “super need-a-glass-of-wine” T.

Either way, this T-shirt is AMAZING, I wore it on date night the other night with black ripped jeans. It was my “Super I-Love-Pizza” T that night. Also, maybe “Super excited to have a babysitter so I can eat three bites in a row” T. Well, you get the point.



Photographer: MarisaBellePhotography

Super T: Sheinside

Jeans: Zara

Heels: Jimmy Choo

Location: The Camby Hotel





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