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Family photo shoots can be a bit overwhelming. Who am I kidding, they are A LOT overwhelming. Here’s a list of things that repetitively crossed my mind as we prepared for our family shoot:

  1. What are we going to wear
  2. Am I going to flash someone in a skirt
  3. Is the puppy going to throw up on me in the car
  4. Are the kids going to be hungry
  5. Is my husband going to be hungry
  6. Is the puppy going to be hungry
  7. Am I going to be hungry…

Ok, well, you get the point, mainly I’m concerned about clothing and food, and potential bodily fluid disasters, which are all too common around here. In order to eliminate the outfit stresses of dressing two kids and a husband I incorporated one favorite clothing item into each of their outfits so everyone was less resistant to getting dressed. My son loves his navy puffy vest, and my daughter loves her black tights. I wanted to wear my light gray jacket, and my husband wanted to wear his dark jeans…. so there was my color palette: light gray, black, navy. For some natural balance of light and dark my son wanted to carry his teddy bear and my daughters dress was white and black checks.

While I’m someone who normally sticks to a neutral palette, I think letting everyone wear one loved item (within reason, no sparkly blue Elsa PJs please), helps you 1: dress resistant humans, 2: create your own unique family palette.

Letting the children bring items that make them comfortable (again, within reason, no buckets of legos or gigantic light-up ladybugs) can look endearing in pictures, and also serve in getting the child to cooperate.

I also had plenty of marshmallows and dog treats for bribery, though when it came down to it, no marshmallows could cure the fight over who got to hold the dog leash, some things you cannot plan for. Roll with the punches and have a patient photographer like Marisa Belle Photography … that’s my last and best piece of advice.

Happy 2016 loves!!















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  1. Kim says:

    My dear, your family could not be any cuter! What wonderful photos you will cherish forever! Thank you for sharing them!



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