I shoot A LOT; in different locations, with great teams, and different photographers. While I stick to the same few for my blog photos, occasionally I like to work with new people. Strangely, this is what I call fun, this is the stuff that gets my heart pumping. I don’t know why, but being a creative part of photos is what I like to do. My mantra at these shoots is to keep the same inquisitive attitude. I want to know the people I work with. I want to understand their inspiration. I believe being open hearted in a very materialistic industry is what makes my experiences so different.

I connected with Brandon Depuma a while back, I have always been a fan of his photography. He sent me examples and inspiration for our shoot. Slowly ideas were created and born through hunting and gathering items. His style is fierce, sexy, and raw. All good things, all good things.

After conspiring over coffee we were set with a plan to meet at an old airplane hanger and junk yard about 45 minutes from my home. Why these airplanes are still chilling out in the middle of nowhere makes zero sense to me. There’s about 6 and they are all different. The hanger looks like a bomb went off. In all honesty, it’s quite creepy, but in late morning sunshine it’s one of the most interesting and cool locations I’ve ever shot. Very different from your swanky hotel pool, that’s for sure.

I’m sharing with you some of the photographs Depuma took, as well one of the location pictures I took to give you an idea. Depuma convinced me to climb up on the wing of the full sized airplane shown below, and it was pretty amazing. Let’s just check “walking on an airplane wing” off my bucket list. During a brisk 50 degree morning, I have to admit the cold metal wing had me shaking in chills, and my car butt warmers never felt so good in Arizona as they did after this shoot.




Photography: Brandon Depuma www.depuma.co

(Army Jacket: Nastygal, Bralette/Set: Calvin Klein Links at end of post)









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