I was recently introduced to a really amazing process that is supposed to be wonderful for your skin. A week ago I went to Rachel at Desert Sky Dermatology. My face has been driving me crazy between reoccurring breakouts and unpredictable behavior. For the longest time it’s been fairly easy to maintain skin, so this was all new and frustrating to me.

Rachel suggested something called Micropen. She was so sweet and explained everything thoroughly so I knew exactly what to expect. Here’s a little blurb that she provided me with to explain what Micropen is:

“Micropen treatments, aka collagen induction therapy, are essentially the same concept as aerating the lawn. Creating teeny tiny openings in the skin which allows new, healthy tissue with new collagen to take its place. Treats everything from acne scars, pores, fine lines, texture and uneven skin tone. It’s a favorite among celebrities to keep their skin glowing and flawless.”

Rachel smoothed a numbing cream on my face and then used the Micron on my skin. The first couple of days it was red and awkward and I couldn’t wear any make up, which is really not easy for me. Then it flaked a little bit, but not full peeling. By the fourth day my skin was pretty clear.

I seriously see a huge difference in my skin, the fine lines especially are almost gone, which makes me super happy! My skin is much more even in color and texture. I’m in awe and I can’t wait to go back to Rachel, it’s so important to upkeep your skin the best you can.



pictures by the lovely: Ashley Rae Photography



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