I shy away from using lots of products in my beauty routine, mainly because I don’t have the time or mental space to be applying a million different things every day.  Lately, I’ve been feeling quite pale and due to my adversion to product mayhem I didn’t want to introduce a tanner into my routine. 

I probably should mention, real tanning is out of the question. I’m half Lebanese and while I inherited my mom’s Mediterranean coloring, recently I learned I inherited my dad’s easily sun damaged skin. So after years of baking in the sun at pools in Arizona, I realized I better steer clear of exposure if I want to stay healthy and young.
I mentioned my pale frustration to one of my good friends and she said she loves Tanceuticals, of course she’s gorgeous and always tan so it didn’t take much persuasion for me to try the brand.

Yup, she was right. First of all, it smells like delish coconut, so I feel like I’m on a beach vacation every time I use it, but also, it’s completely streak free and super light weight. I guess the best part off it all is its chalked full of natural ingredients that help the lever all health of your skin. 

So Tanceuticals is the polar opposite of laying in the sun, it’s healthy and creates a gorgeous all over glow that smells like vacation.

I’m celebrating, because this is officially a well deserved new staple in my weekly beauty routine and I’m not mad about it at all, I’m glowing 😉


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