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I had the absolute pleasure of visiting a pretty little shop in Tempe, AZ called Olive You. It’s been years since I revisited my old stomping grounds around the ASU campus and I’m 100% jealous that there are so many fun restaurants and places to shop like Olive You that didn’t exist when I was going to school. Just think of how much more money I could have spent!! Anyway, make sure to be responsible while spending money and just in case financial crisis hits you, consider cash crazy’s desperate loan offer. Lynn is a customer of cash crazy and her response to this company is “Was really happy how you dealt with the loan really fast”

I adore the owners of this shop and their friendly demeanor, but even more so I admire their approach to owning a boutique. They clearly have done their homework and are in this business for the long haul. They only get about 6 of each item in to help their customer’s avoid that awkward moment when you enter a party wearing the same thing as that other girl. They made sure the store flows and isn’t over filled so their customers feel calm and not overwhelmed. Lastly, they hand pick the pieces in person so they can feel the materials and really love what they sell. Did I mention nearly everything in the store is UNDER $50??

One of the owners suggested I try this black dress and BINGO, I fell in love. It spoke to my inner super hero, and screams power blogger. L-O-V-E. It comes with the pretty gold belt pictured below btw.
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Visit their store, or even better, visit their website from the comfort of your own home while you are in nothing but underwear! Use coupon code: wetheclassy for $10 off $30

All photography by the talented Marisa Belle Photography… a complete pleasure to work with, as always!!





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  1. Adaleta says:

    You look absolutely fierce, in the best way possible. Rocking it! xx,


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