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A Peek Into Luxury Closets   


As a professional organizer specializing in luxury homes, I often have the privilege of my “office” for the day being the inside of a gorgeous closet. It doesn’t matter if your style is vintage bargain hunter or Barneys-devottee, we believe your closet should be a place for inspiration and a sanctuary for your wardrobe – and that is what we create for our clients. Just because you have a custom closet doesn’t mean your clothing will naturally organize themselves. And likewise, even if you have a tiny, awkwardly-shaped reach-in closet doesn’t mean it cannot be totally fabulous and Instagram-worthy!

Here is a glimpse of some of the tried-and-true methods we implement in any closet, big or small, to not only make it more efficient and luxurious, but also make your closet as shoppable as your favorite boutique ::



Shoes ::

Face shoes toes-out, because we most quickly identify pairs by the front than the side or back heel. Even if they are red-soled.

unnamed (1)

Jewelry ::

Let your baubles sparkle with acrylic trays. We love using these inside of drawers to mimic custom inserts (collects less dust than velvet jewelry dividers) or on a tabletop (when space is limited – they’re stackable!) Yes, we color code everything including jewelry.


*Michelle Drewes Photography

Handbags ::

Nothing breaks our heart like a covetable bag shoved onto a shelf or buried in a heap of its other sad friends. Use the duster bags they come in to fill the bag so that it props up on a shelf. For our clients, we create little “NEAT purse pillows” to tuck into bags to maintain their shape. For clutches, we have been known to use lucite magazine dividers to “file” them and display them on a shelf.


*Michelle Drewes Photography


Hangers ::

Our first task in any closet is to switch to matching hangers. It makes a HUGE difference and keeps your clothes in impeccable shape. We more often than not walk into an assortment of wire and plastic. Our favorites are the slimline black velvet hangers. Share a closet? Don’t forget his side, too!



Color Coding ::

Remember grade school and “ROY G. BIV?” It is the order of colors in the rainbow AND how we color code everything. Where does pink go? We think it looks best after white and before the reds.


*Michelle Drewes Photography


Seasonal :: Storing off-season items – especially furs and leathers – in plastic garment bags from trap in moisture and chemicals and destroy the material over time. We replace them with breathable, linen ones like these to let air circulate while keeping them well protected.


All NEAT Method Photos. Photos with * by Michelle Drewes Photography.


Mika Perry runs the Scottsdale market for NEAT Method, the nation’s largest luxury residential organizing company. They are located in 10 cities nationwide including San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Find them at www/ or @neatmethod. In Scottsdale, contact Mika directly at



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