I live in an area with some really pretty desert scenes and try to get out and enjoy them as much as I can. After living in a place for a while we tend to take it’s beauty for granted. I found myself starting to hate the heat and the landscape since I’m originally from the North suburbs of Chicago where trees and water are plentiful.


Truth is, those Chicagoans would do anything for some dry heat on their most extreme weather days, or after two weeks of rain and gray skies.  There are pluses and minuses to every place, and the grass is always greener. No, really, the grass is always greener because there’s none here unless you are on a golf course.

I found this Tobi dress to be the most perfect dress to endure high temps, and it truly carries out the desert hippie vibe. Topped with a little head chain from Forever 21 and I felt like the princess of the West. There are actually a few different head chains from Forever 21 that are amazing and they are all on sale right now for ridiculously low prices.





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