Just over that past year, in the short time We The Classy has existed, I have learned so much about opening your mind to the unexpected. In fact, my past year has been filled with nothing but the unexpected and it’s been such an adventure.

Per the usual a fun email popped in my inbox from my best friend’s husband saying he met the visionary behind Soul Carrier handbags and thinks we would have a great time connecting. This designer, Jenn Boonlorn is such a ray of sunshine. She was eager to get together and get creative. I must admit, this is my favorite type of person.

After looking through her designs I felt they would be best showcased with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in them. We set out to Camelback Flower Shop to to find the perfect flowers.

All of the Soul Carrier designs are rustic and textured. They have personality and depth (not just physically). They are clearly made of materials that just show beauty with age. The colors are rich and agreeable with almost any outfit. My favorite was the Integrity Tote, I love that it has just as much personality as the person carrying it.

Please read more about Soul Carrier and check out their kickstarter campaign! There is so much to learn about this social conscious company and I sincerely can say Jenn put her big heart into her designs.

Soul Carrier on Kickstarter

Also visit the magical Camelback Flower Shop. This is where you can step up your flower game boys.

Camelback Flower Shop

Lastly, you can find my pretty little red halter dress at one of my favorite boutiques.

Nove Boutique






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