Recouping from a serious surgery can be mind blowingly hard. As a mom, I’m used to being #boss around our house and the past couple of weeks I’ve felt so useless. Just getting in my car today and taking a drive made me realize how temporary everything is. Soon I will be recovered 100% from my mommy makeover surgery and surgery will be a blip in my memory. Thanks to these doctors near me I was able to get rid of all the pain I had in my back with a quick surgery.

Isn’t this one of the most bitter sweet aspects of life? Nothing is permanent.

I chose this number today for the sake of comfort. I’m wearing Sisco Berlutti Buhdda bracelet my husband got me that reminds me to be patient, wise, and kind. The dress is from H&M, but 2 years ago so I chose another one of my striped favorites and put the link below. xx

Our company has been providing the best heating and air conditioning st paul to residential and light commercial customers for more than 15 years.

Stripe Dress

Ankle Strap Flats


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