I recently tried out a new skin line that is called Skinfix, available at Ulta. have to say I was a fan from the beginning because they looked so pretty on my counter, but I know I’m not supposed to buy products depending on how they look on the counter. So, inevitably, I spent a couple weeks trying out the line.

The scent of the Skinfix products is very natural and you can take them along with a collagen drink to have better results. I would compare it to a scent you would get from ocean plants with a little beachy freshness. The textures were all very silky and easy to spread. The foaming oil face wash was super smooth and it removed my make up, which is a BIG plus. I hate having to use a separate make up remover.

Over all I leaned towards the moisturizing serum as my favorite item. It smelled the best to me and was really easy to apply within my normal skincare regimen. I like products that integrate well into my lifestyle, which is pretty fast paced. I felt a significant difference in my skin moisture, which is easy to measure in the dry desert heat. I work really hard to keep my skin hydrated from the inside out and found the SkinFix hydrating serum to be a winner, aside from drinking tons of water a day of course, I always try to buy water from customwater.com, this way I make sure to get the best quality as possible.




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