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There is a love-hate element that comes with 90’s fashion based on when that decade dawned on your life, either way it’s back in full swing.  Personally, 90’s style is a bit rough for me, just like Jr. High and High School were.   I probably wouldn’t wear all of these at once, but balancing out a few with basics = successful styling.

1. CK Jeans – Enter Lara Stone & Kate Moss’s 16 yr old half sister for CK’s very 90’s reminiscent upcoming ad campaign.  Rugged, slouchy, and masculine styles are used to accentuate femininity.  For the fall, balance 90’s style denim with simple fitted white tee and low ankle boots.


Lara Stone for Fall 2014 CK Jeans


Lottie Moss for Fall 214 CK Jeans

2. Adidas – The original Samba and Superstar are my favorite comeback (though, they never really left).  Now you can give your chucks a break and put those adidas back in rotation.


The Original Samba in Stone Khaki

The Original Adidas Samba (Khaki or Rick Red) $65



The Original Samba in black

The Original Adidas Samba (Black or White) $65


The Original Superstars 2.0

The Original Adidas Superstars 2.0 $75

3. Flannels – I’m seeing plaid button ups everywhere.  Wear one with flared jeans or a structured skirt.  I think this might be one of the most versatile pieces for the fall.


Rails Hunter Button Down Shirt

Rails Hunter Button Down Shirt $127


BDG Plaid Double Pocket Shirt (Online Only)

BDG Plaid Double Pocket Shirt (online only) $49


Sandra Ingrish Roll Sleeve Shirt

Sandra Ingrish Roll Sleeve Cotton Shirt $49

4.  The 90’s loved Florals, and there’s so many variations, find one that suits you and flaunt it.


Free People Emily Slip

Free People Emily Slip $68


Asos Closet Skater Midi Floral Dress

Asos Closet Midi Skater Dress in Fall Floral $91.46


Nastygal Bloom and Board Romper

Nastygal Bloom and Board Romper $128


Kimchi Blue Cropped Blouse

Kimchi Blue Cropped Blouse $59

5. Birkenstocks – Yes, incase you didn’t already know, these lug-like sandals are back.  I’m not opposed to them, but it’s been harder for me to jump on board with this one.  To soften the look and make them easier to incorporate into your style try these out:


BDG Double Slingback Sandals in gold

BDG Slingback Sandal (other colors available) $34


Ecote ZigZag Slide Sandal

Ecote ZigZag Slide Sandal $29


Birkenstock Curacao by Birki

Birkenstock Curacao by Birki $89.95

6. Jewelry – The 90’s was full of mixed metals, textures, and layers.  Here’s a few items that are easy to throw on and stylize your look.


Hammered High Low Necklace

Hammered High Low Necklace $18


Triangle Cord Necklace

Triangle Cord Necklace $20


Festival Chain Anklet

Festival Chain Anklet $12


Love Ear Cuff

Love Ear Cuff $22


Chainmaille Bib

Chainmaille Bib $68

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