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    Blazers for Summer

    As I once explained via instagram, you can take me out of the 90’s, but you can’t take the 90’s out of me. One of the best staples of the 90’s was blazers, classy blazers. Here’s my favorite way to style blazers for Summer. You can find this specific tie sleeve blazer from Charlotte London here. It’s structured shoulders give it class and style, while the ties add a bit of playfulness. Shop the shorts here. Also: Purse Shoes Ribbed Tube Top  

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    Hapari Active

    I think wether or not someone needs to work out is often misconstrued by their physical appearance. People tend to automatically judge healthiness based on looks. Well, it’s not true, and the worst thing we can do is judge ourselves that way. I tend to be on the thinner side, I have been my whole life. It would be destructive to sit down and say I don’t need to take care of myself by working out. We all need healthy hearts and happy muscles and all the benefits working out gives our bodies, including endurance. (side note: advocating working out does not directly correlate to finding enough time to work out……

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    Tacos and Tequila

    It may not be Cinco de Mayo, but I’m always down for Tacos and Tequila. Just those words make me feel like I’m on a beach in Cabo ready to to take the night into the early morning. Anything that inspires me to feel like adventure is a win! This Tacos and Tequila tank is from one my favorite little spots called Fabulous Finds Boutique that is across the country, however, they have online shopping, which is another win!