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    Vacation Mode

    Holy smokes, it’s cold outside…but not here. As a former Chicagoan I remember cold like a fond memory…. pretty white blanketed landscapes, crunchy footsteps, cold air that bites your cheeks. The truth is, I don’t think I ever felt that way once while living there. I constantly pined to be in vacation mode, and when the opportunity to go away to university in Arizona presented itself I jumped all over it. Fast forward, and here I am complaining of missing the snow, missing the magic of crunchy footsteps and sparkly white landscapes. It’s so funny how that happens, isn’t it?

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    I have a lot of gripes with comfy and leisure clothing, I even make sure to get comfy online mattress for my family, but none of those gripes apply to Albion!! For example, raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a really rad work out tank and it doesn’t hold it’s shape, or worse yet, your leggings lose their stretch after two washes. Woah, major disappointment. I am a die-hard Albion fan! Their Puffy clothing is made soft, stretchy, and strong. I’ve washed my hoodie from them a billion times and it’s just as adorable as when I got it. I LOVE when my every day leisure clothing fits snug…

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    Red Suit

      No, not red business suit, who wants to talk business? I’m speaking spring break 2016 right now. I’m speaking pool and beach and sunshine and an abundance of yummy drinks. So when I say suit, I’m not thinking about a stuffy office. No thanks. Here’s my favorite red suit and you wanna know why?? Cause it reminds me of the original Baywatch that aired when I was barely old enough to understand the words “Pamela Anderson” in their full capacity, and all the babe that she was.

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    The Roundie

    I have spent over a year frequently obsessing over something called the Roundie. I know it sounds like some weird ninja move, but it’s actually a beautifully grande fringe edged towel that instantly captured my heart the minute I saw it. By some miracle, Privilege Clothing started carrying this lust worthy towel, and I’m officially smitten.